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KONE is a global leader in the elevator, escalator and automatic door industry. KONE also provides solutions for elevator modernization and maintenance, which add value to the life cycle of any building. Through more effective People Flow®, KONE makes people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings. Together with partners and customers around the world, KONE helps cities to become more sustainable and better places to live in. 2N is proud to be officially one of these partners.



The cloud-to-cloud integration of the My2N portal with the KONE elevator system brings advanced security and a seamless flow of residents from the front door, in the elevator, and up to their apartments.

Use case: residents
The resident authorises themselves at the 2N IP intercom when entering the building – either by using the My2N app with mobile credentials or by using their RFID card or a PIN code. Thanks to this integration with KONE, this process will not only open the door but will also automatically call the elevator to the ground floor and send it to the floor where the resident lives.

Use case: visitors
Through the same My2N app, residents will also be able to manage visitor access to the elevator. When a visitor calls the resident using the 2N IP intercom, the resident will greet the visitor and open the door remotely from the My2N app. This will call the elevator to the ground floor and, depending on the settings, the resident’s floor is automatically preset. Please note that this feature will initially work only for the My2N app (not for 2N indoor stations).
This integration not only minimizes waiting time for the elevator but also increases the efficiency and convenience of building access and enhances security measures to protect residents and visitors.
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My2N app
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Key features


  • Cloud-based integration of the My2N platform and KONE elevator service improving people flow, security and peace of mind for users
  • 2N IP intercoms, access control reader and indoor stations function alongside KONE elevators supporting APIs
  • The KONE elevator is automatically called to the ground floor (landing call) after the resident’s authorisation at the 2N IP intercom
  • The designated floor is automatically preset according to the users’ apartment location (destination call)
  • The unified My2N app is used for the resident's access to the building, as well as for their ability to let in visitors (Q3, 2024)
  • Visitor landing call – once the resident opens the door to a visitor remotely from the My2N app, the landing call (or even destination call) is triggered (Q3, 2024).
  • Guest access – resident generates a time-limited PIN code and shares it with expected guests via the My2N Management Platform (Q2, 2024)
  • A greater range of 2N products available to enhance elevator convenience and functionality.

KONE details

Supported versions

  • Compatible with the following 2N devices: 2N IP Style, 2N IP Verso 2.0, 2N IP Force, 2N IP Verso, 2N LTE Verso, 2N Access Unit 2.0, 2N Access Unit M, My2N app

Software & Licenses

  • 2N OS: version 2.41 and higher
  • No licenses needed for 2N devices
  • Active elevator maintenance contract with KONE
  • 2N Mobile Video license used for the My2N app