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AMAG Technology, an Allied Universal Company, is a market leader in Physical Access Control, Identity Management and integrated security solutions. AMAG delivers a powerful, unified and open security platform that empowers businesses to effectively secure their facilities, meet compliance and have peace of mind. While access control is the foundation of what we do, the Symmetry Security Management system includes video, identity management, analytics, mobile, intrusion, visitor management, command and control and incident management. Symmetry’s scalable security solutions provide operational insights and intelligence to improve business today and tomorrow.

Symmetry integration info


Safe buildings require quick responses to incidents, clear visual verification of visitors, and efficient security management: and thanks to this integration, this is all possible!

Symmetry™ Access Control users can now integrate the platform with a wide, versatile range of 2N IP intercoms that fit multiple use cases and offer advanced features - such as Full HD cameras, touch displays, and multi-access technology.

Integration with these premium devices offers Symmetry customers lots of options in terms of intercom capabilities suitable for a huge range of buildings: whilst allowing them to comprehensively manage and monitor door communication in the same interface they use for other security systems such as access control, intrusion alerts, or video monitoring.

So, whether you have a mixed-use building and need to combine commercial and residential access functions, or a multi-tenant office that would benefit from a business directory on a touchscreen intercom - this serverless solution will fit your access use cases whilst offering seamless security management.
IP Intercoms

Key features


  • Add 2N Intercoms and the 2N® IP Phone D7A to Symmetry Intercom Client
  • Monitor 2N intercoms including call and connection statuses
  • Call requests displayed in the Symmetry intercom client
  • Call report: Call logs are stored in the system and can be viewed in Symmetry Intercom Client
  • Answer calls via the master station or by clicking on the green phone icon in Symmetry
  • Access the intercom’s camera live stream or recordings
  • Initiate a call between a remote intercom and the master station
  • Assign up to 4 cameras to the intercom
  • Terminate calls or Put on Hold directly in the Symmetry GUI
  • Trigger door control from the intercom panel by clicking on the door icon
  • Support direct SIP calls or via SIP Proxy (IP PBX scenarios)
  • Possibility to favourite a 2N intercom to display top locations efficiently
  • Connect the intercom’s reader to the Symmetry controller via Wiegand
  • Control and monitor intercoms from the graphical map


Supported versions

  • 2N OS 2.41 and higher
  • Symmetry 9.4
  • 2N Plugin for Symmetry


  • 2N license: 2N Plugin for Symmetry
  • Symmetry Intercom License
  • 2N license: Gold License for 2N intercoms (Onvif streaming, optional)​
  • Symmetry Camera License (Onvif streaming, optional)