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Serving more than 300 million people worldwide, Cisco is the trusted leader in Collaboration that transforms how people connect, communicate, and create. Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system that is optimized for midsized businesses. It has all the essential business calling capabilities you are likely to need. No need to worry anymore about the expense and complexity of managing a phone system infrastructure on your premises. 


2N IP intercoms and 2N SIP Speakers are certified SIP devices for Webex Calling, a cloud-based phone system by Cisco.

The combination of 2N IP Intercoms with Webex Calling enables secure and effective management of door communication with visitors, customers, or service providers coming to a building. Users can accept video calls from the entrances, forward the calls to the right people or control the doors remotely through a Webex Client. 2N SIP Speakers and Intercoms can be connected to the platform and used for paging or emergency broadcasting. All 2N devices support secure SIP using TLS and SRTP.

With the Control HUB, the administrators can activate, provision, and monitor in real-time all devices, including 2N intercoms and speakers. With the new Customer Managed Devices feature, administrators can assign a 2N device to a workspace and then use the information provided to manually provision and deploy the device.

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Key features


  • Register 2N intercoms and speakers to Webex Calling
  • Reliable video door communication with visitors
  • Audio and video monitoring of doors/gates for increased security
  • Manage intercom calls: place, answer, forward or cancel
  • Remote door lock control via DTMF
  • Use intercoms and speakers for voice paging or alerting
  • Easy deployment and real-time monitoring via Control HUB
  • Secure communication: TLS and SRTP support


Supported versions

  • 2N OS v 2.33 and higher
  • Webex Calling (Multi-tenant)


  • Webex Workspace license is required to provision a 2N device