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Collaboration between 2N and Siemens enables building managers to natively include 2N products into the Siemens solutions for video surveillance and building management.

Let users see a video from the 2N IP intercom, communicate with a person in front of the door and control the door lock from one unified interface. Furthermore, 2N IP Intercoms can create multiple events which can trigger an alarm in Siveillance™ Video client. Events like motion detected, key pressed or tamper switch alarm can initiate a sequence of actions in Siveillance™ Video client and help to manage security incidents. The single management interface of Siveillance™ Video enables the efficient administration of the system including multiple cameras and security devices like intercoms.

Direct integration of 2N intercom systems enables monitoring of the intercom devices together with other building technologies within one unified platform. Security dispatchers can use graphical maps to localize intercoms and monitor the devices states. If a device disconnects, the system automatically creates an alarm in Desigo CC to notify the dispatcher. Furthermore, Desigo CC shows incoming and outgoing calls from intercoms. This allows alarm triggering in case of calls from an SOS point. The dispatcher can start a call to a specific intercom directly from the Desigo CC interface with one click.
IP Intercoms

Key features


  • Monitor video stream from the IP intercom with other cameras in the Siveillance™ Video Client
  • Access Request Notifications can trigger a "pop up" window based on predefined events
  • 2-way Audio calls between an operator and visitor directly from Siveillance™ Video Client
  • Monitor device and call status for the 2N intercoms in Desigo CC
  • Control the intercom's outputs to open doors, gates or switch lights
  • Initiate a call to an intercom directly from the Desigo CC interface
  • 2N IP Intercoms can trigger an alarm in the Siveillance™ Video Client upon a predefined action
  • Direct integration of the 2N intercoms with Desigo CC (BMS)


Supported versions

  • Siveillance Video Versions: 2023 R2 (23.2), 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018
  • Desigo CC V.4.x
  • Desigo CC 2N IP Extension Module V4.x
  • 2N IP Intercoms 2.41 and higher


  • 2N Gold licence for Video integration