about company

Prysm Software s a french company developing an open command & control platform. AppVision™ is mainly used in the fields of safety, security and smart buildings. Our platform enables to manage every physical security equipment,  third-party applications and cybersecurity tools in a single interface. With more than 500 products integrated through standard and proprietary protocols, AppVision™ strenghtens the management of existing installations and prepare them for the future. AppVision™ is 100% customisable: we give all the means to our partners enabling them to enrich and customize the platform. Thus, they create maximum added value and ROI for their end-clients. AppVision™ ensures the success and evolution of projects over time. 



AppVision™ integrates 2N intercoms via a driver for control and command and a client SIP integration for audio communication. The operator is able to control 2N intercoms from the AppVision™ user interface. 2N intercoms are displayed graphically on a plan or map and the operator can trigger actions (Call, pick up, hang up, reject) watch video live (Onvif) or playback (VMS) and command switch and relay.
2N IP Intercoms

Key features


  • Two-way audio communication via SIP protocol
  • Intercom´s call commands: Call, Pick up, Hang up, Reject
  • Intercom´s camera stream (Live and playback if VMS)
  • Monitoring of switch and relay status
  • Monitoring of communication and call status of intercom
  • Switch and relay control for door control


Supported version

  • 2N firmware 2.27 and higher
  • AppVision v4.5


  • AppVision: Audio SIP license
  • AppVision: Protocol license
  • 2N Enhance Audio License
  • 2N Enhance Video License
  • 2N Enhance Integration License