about company

LCD Control System is a development company offering custom programming and audiovisual expertise in IT, AV, and smart building.  We provide in-house controls design, programming, integration, and all important training and maintenance for customers. We specialize in the development of extension drivers to support Crestron Home. The extensions allow integrators to integrate cutting-edge devices currently not supported natively in Crestron Home. 



LCD provides software that brings advanced features to the integration between 2N intercoms and Crestron Home.

This interface is intended to simplify the connection of your Crestron Home system to the popular 2N range of intercom hardware. Crestron users do not only receive video intercom calls on their Crestron panel, but they can natively control doors and gates with 2N devices through intuitive Tiles or Quick Action. They can also benefit from higher comfort and security thanks to new options for interconnection of the intercoms with the other smart home appliances.

System integrators can now work better with intercoms relays and I/Os and add them to the Quick Actions. This makes door or gate control quick and intuitive from the Crestron panel or mobile app. With the support of the Crestron Actions & Events, the intercom events like Motion Detection, Noise Detection, or I/Os states can be linked with actions in other smart devices connected and managed by Crestron. The driver brings new customized scenarios and added value to the 2N intercoms and access units.

Two options available based on the project type: Single home site or MDU
IP Intercoms
Access Units

Key features


  • Advanced integration of 2N intercoms with the Crestron Ecosystem
  • The Switch controls and IO input used in tandem with the SIP call functionality
  • Control and monitor doors and gates through in Crestron App and Panel
  • Call the 2N from the Panels using a UI Button or Quick Action
  • Support of Quick Actions and Events & Actions features
  • Relay and IO both exposed in Crestron home
  • Supported events: Noise/ Motion detection, I/O states
  • Continual driver development
  • Ready for single villa and MDU installations


Supported versions

  • 2N OS 2.33 and higher
  • 2N Doorstation Hardware Interface v3.0.2.0
  • 2N Doorstation Hardware Interface (MDU)
  • Crestron Home OS v3.4 and higher


  • 2N Enhanced Integration License
  • Driver license: single home site or MDU