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EvTrack is a technology company specialising in visitor management and access control software. It is part of the Eagle Technology group of companies which was established in 1938 and has been actively involved in industrial and security electronics for the past 50 years. The EvTrack solution is a modern security software eco-system which integrates various hardware devices including handheld barcode scanners, number-plate recognition cameras, QR code scanners and of course the 2N range of access/control reader hardware.   It has been designed to provide organisations, government, companies & residential buildings with a robust tool for controlling access into and out of a site.



EvTrack integrates and supports the 2N range of stand-alone IP access/control readers as well as the 2N Access/Control Modules that form part of the Verso series of IP intercoms. Full support is featured for these products allowing the user to create a comprehensive access control and visitor registration management system around the 2N suite of products.

For residential applications, EvTrack can be used to issue temporary access one-time-pins (OTPs) that are uploaded almost instantly to the reader allowing visitor access through doors or into elevators. These OTPs are 'issued' by a resident app, via a web browser or via a security officer handheld enrollment device. They can be set to expire and have configurable user limits.

Corporate applications is another area we focus on where EvTrack can be used as both the access/control software system for the building as well as the visitor processing system for contractors, delivery people or visitors.
IP Intercoms
Access Control

Key features

EvTrack Key features

  • Comprehensive Visitor Management and/or Standard Access Control Functionality
  • Issued Credentials such as Pins or RFID tags/cards stored on the Edge (i.e on the 2N Device)
  • 2N Device Installation & Status Menu
  • Events captured from 2N devices such as access granted, access denied, entry, exit
  • QR Code Scanning Support (For visitor or tenant issued credentials)
  • Cloud-Based or On-Prem Server Based for Enterprise Sites
  • Full System Management By Web Interface (Usable on Windows PC, Tablet or Smartphone)
  • Pre-registration of visitors or registration at the gate/entrance
  • Free Resident / Tenant Smart Phone App (For Pre-registering Visitors)
  • Full reporting including system events, user database reports, visitor reports, blacklist reports and audit reports

EvTrack Details

Supported versions

  • 2N firmware 2.27 and higher
  • EvTrack - all versions


  • 2N Gold license