CyberTwice BV


CyberTwice B.V. is a software development company focused on building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for Enterprise Access Control and Surveillance, integrated with Microsoft Teams. Services include CyberGate that enable a SIP video door station to communicate to Teams with live 2-way audio & video, and ATTEST, the Azure based (Teams) Recording solution for Compliance & Collaboration in the Financial Services, Public Safety and Energy/Utility sector.



CyberGate is a subscription-based SaaS application hosted in Microsoft Azure. Enterprise customers adopting Microsoft Teams use CyberGate to connect their 2N IP Intercoms to Microsoft Teams. The joint solution enable customers to conveniently and securely manage visitors. Teams users answer incoming calls from the video door station – with 2-way audio and live video – on their Teams desktop client, Teams compatible desk phone and Teams Smartphone app.
The visitor will have two-way audio and also live video from the receiving Teams user camera in installations where the 2N® IP Style is used. Ideal for 2N customers who deploy the 2N® IP Style in a hospitality use case!
It is also possible to trigger door lock directly from Teams interface.
IP Intercoms

Key features


  • Two-way audio and live video from 2N SIP video door station to the Teams user
  • Live video from the receiving Teams user camera on the 2N® IP Style display (2-way video)
  • Compatible with desktop client, Teams compatible desk phone and Teams Smartphone app
  • Call Recording feature providing audio, video and speech transcribed into text
  • Remotely open a door or gate using the Teams Dialpad
  • Call individual Teams users or configure group names to call multiple users simultaneously
  • Edit Display Name per intercom device that identifies where your visitor is located
  • Disable Forwarding to prevent that an intercom call is forwarded to Voicemail
  • No extra hardware required (e.g. no SBC)
  • No need to download or install any software from CyberTwice or a 3rd party


Supported versions

  • 2N OS 2.30 and higher
  • 2N OS 2.42 and higher for 2-way Video on 2N® IP Style


  • No 2N License required